For years I have been thinking of improving my sewing skills but never had the time to do that. Sewing feels difficult because it involves giving three-dimensional form. Not my strong suit. Therefore I tend to avoid sewing even though I want to make something with it. This fall I finally have more time (and courage) to try new things. I am taking my leave of study as comprehensive as possible and sewing was scheduled too ;-)

What got me motivated in the end was a few a patterns that I came across on Pinterest: the Alder shirtdress and the Scout tee by Grainline studio. I love Jen´s patterns and I quess they´re well made because I could match everything easily. I made these muslin versions of both of the patterns and followed instructions step-by-step. And during that overcame my fears concerning sewing and fitting. And learned how to alter the patterns to improve the fit. Never before had I realized the actual problem with pattern AND knew how to fix it.

I have made clothes before for parties etc. and they´ve been fine to wear. But I concider making everyday clothes more difficult and those are the ones I can´t seem to find ready-made anymore (withing my budget and requirements). I am so happy to find this growing set of patterns and Jen´s blog for her professional instructions. Without her work my sewing machine would be left untouched and my intentions only daydreams.

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