_MG_8006.jpgThe weather keeps changing between freezing and warm. I hope it stays warm as long as possible so that I can keep breathing the mist of forest.
_MG_7959.jpgBut this week it snowed on couple of occasions too. Tati went crazy because of the snow. I guess he doesn´t remember much.
_MG_7999.jpgI have been cutting rags during the weekend for a rug. I already finished the first one but jumped right in to newest photos so it´ll have to wait. I am using all kinds of old fabrics and some of them date back to decades ago. For this set off two rugs I have gathered scraps of materials and I don´t havean actual plan or use for the rugs. And again it´s so liberating. Especially when turning nothing into something as is the case with most of these fabrics.
_MG_8038.jpgIn Finland women used to cut rags during summer, outside in fresh air. I can see why they did so. Because it´s very dusty. I hope my rag rug weaving settles for the winter. Next summer I will do my chores and get to weave when it´s cold and dark. With much less dust. I should make this into a new year´s resolution. Never to cut rags inside. And especially not velvet.
_MG_8039.jpgSomeone was about to make pants out of this fabric. And now I am cutting the parts to smaller shreds.
_MG_7976.jpgDuring the weekend I did a lot of cutting (now that I think of it). Tati got a new haircut too. Don´t get me wrong, I think this is his best look but he´s also starting have the notorious tangle phase apparently almost every poodle goes through. Here´s he washed and groomed but there underneath are the tangles even though I tried to go them through every day. So I had to basically shear him before the coat would be all tangled up.
_MG_8017.jpgAnd here´s the chopped version of him, after rain. This was my first time cutting his hair with shears. And I think it´s pretty ok. I know where I went wrong but all in all it was pretty easy because he behaves so well.
_MG_8019.jpgAnd we went for a very long walk to the forest too. Perfect. It was so quiet and peaceful.

How was your weekend?

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One Response to Cutting rags …and hair

  1. Anne says:

    Hi Niina. How divine – to breathe the mist of the forest. It must smell heavenly. Here on a hot, dry day like today you can smell the eucalypt trees in the park where I run Obi. That too is beautiful. You did a lovely job trimmingTati. I trim my Obi too. He’s pretty good although he’s a bit ticklish on the toes. Your rag rug will be gorgeous. Right now I’m planning a woven wall hanging for my sister for Christmas.

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