I have been emptying my cabinet from old materials because I have been too lazy to order/buy new ones. Also, it´s good to keep stash low because I wouldn´t remember to use those anyways. Here´s a warp for two table runner experiments.
This time I had to make something out of Poppana wefts I received when I bought the small loom. There were a few plastic bags filled with odds and ends in colours that I necessarily wouldn´t have bought myself. Of course there were a few favourites as well but in general quite odd selection of colours. You could tell how the old lady had been making Poppana table runners for every season…
Dressing the loom for this project was so easy because I didn´t have to change the treadling from the last project. With countermarch loom tying the treadles is my least favourite task.
I don´t know how well known this type of textile is, but “Poppana” here is still very popular. It´s basically thinner and smaller textile that resembles rag rug, a miniature rug. The only difference is that the weft is always bias-cut. This makes weft fabric borders open up more (than when cut against the grain) and creates lovely soft weft-faced surface in time. They´re heavy-duty and become a lot better after use.
I had no plans for the runners except produce one that I could give to my mom. She had been asking for one. This ended up being the one for her. And the one above is left on hold. I don´t know if I even like it.
Tati was trying to sleep under my loom but it was too disturbing with all the clanking noises. I´d like to know what he thinks of all this…
The end of the warp. I chose the worst colours and tried something else. For some reason the X-pattern caught my attention. I wonder what to do with that?

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7 Responses to Table runners

  1. Anne says:

    How beautiful. The fabrics are lovely. I hadn’t heard of poppana before. How handy to have ready cut ‘rags’ available. And I do like your ‘Xs’. They would make a lovely border on a plain weave fabric, maybe hand towels. I like your interlocking weft piece as well. This sort of thing would make an interesting bag. I wish I could sew. I’ve got lots of small pieces of handwoven fabric I could turn into bags. I haven’t done any weaving lately but that will soon change. I want to do a small throw blanket. Oh, and Tati is one gorgeous poodle – and I think he knows it.

    • Niina Niina says:

      Well cut rags are very expensive… but there are some available. And thanks for the tip on x-borders, will look into that! I was you had a blog or an instagram account to see your work… but again I can see how it takes time to work on. And yes, Tati knows it ;-)

      • Anne says:

        Yes, my intentions are good, but I don’t quite know where to start. I know I should just dive in. I’d like to share pictures of weaving, socks and Obi – much like you!

  2. amanda says:

    Funny – I have been doing the exact same thing but I’ve been using up odd bits of wool. I don’t like having a stash, things end up out of sight and then out of mind…. I have three finished table runners, but they look quite different from yours. I’ll post them soon so you can see.

    I did find a lot of worsted weight yarn though – and I think wooly socks might be a good way to use it up!

    • Niina Niina says:

      Well, my stashbusting had a sudden end when I visited R´s grandmother and received a load of new wool. With the exception that these are really colors I like ;-) Looking forward to see your table runners. Yes, socks are good for odd bits of wool, one of my favourite patterns is “Jaywalker” by Grumperina. Found on Ravelry. But of course plain socks are always beautiful too..

  3. esther says:

    Your blog is so lovely. I have never heard of Poppana but I love all the gorgeous colors you have. I would love to try and use some in my next weaving. Looking forward to following your blog!

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