Daily snapshots from late summer. It´s so cold already that I had to go through pictures that makes me remember that we just had a long warm summer and another will follow…
Made a blueberry pie from frozen blueberries.
Went to zoo with my friend and her two boys. These guys must be happy under the warming lamp…
Playing with his sticks. Favourite toys: sticks, balls and toys that make noise.
Old beetles always make me happy.
R´s daily read, mostly on Surrealism. Doilies that I received to pass along to my mother.
At my mother´s place. It´s amazing to step outside the front door and find yourself in the middle of the fields. With our apartment you have to walk quite some time to find an open place.
Baked two breads. So easy. How come I had not tried that before?
From the kitchen window. Love the neigbourhood we live in.
Mint tea break.
Our house turned 100 years. Actually it happened last year but we never got around to celebrate. Our neighbour makes the best cakes, more cakes here.

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3 Responses to Happenings

  1. Kim says:

    What kind of breads did you bake? They look delicious.

  2. lsaspacey says:

    Wow, that cake! Is your neighbor a professional baker? I adore those flowers on the side and what is that used for the texture on the bottom level?

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