_MG_5515.jpgCoffee to start every day. These are still old pictures but the past and present are getting closer.

At the moment I am updating my Etsy shop little by little with mittens so have look there what I have been up to in a last few days. My goal is to list approximately 30 items and keep stock for the rest of the year. I feel very happy to have time to open a shop again. Welcome!
_MG_5514.jpgCooking for Tati. Meat, meat, meat. It´s funny and a little terrifying also because I´m vegetarian.
_MG_5535.jpg Cutting off a rug. This was a big one: more than two metres.
_MG_5544.jpgA collection of things that I have taken out of Tati´s mouth. Luckily he doesn´t try chew everything anymore.
_MG_5597.jpgI got William Morris´ print for kitchen curtains. Love it. And I should have gone for it earlier because you only notice how brilliant the sequencing is with a longer piece.
_MG_5580.jpgHis post between kitchen and living room. Little stalker.
_MG_5555.jpgNo place to put this at the moment, unfortunately.
_MG_5645.jpgYarn cones for the warp.
_MG_5642.jpgI am warping for table runners because I have a lot of material that came with my small loom.
_MG_5619.jpgTati enjoying evening sun. He´s becoming such a handsome guy.
_MG_5703.jpg Book I got for free from Parisian bookshop. I think I saw that same book in Jim Jarmusch`s Only Lovers Left Alive when a vampire played by Tilda Swinton was packing for flight.

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