is that for real?To be honest Tati is closing in on 8 months already but a lot has happened during this spring and summer and until this moment I haven´t had time to think about it. And not the least because of having a puppy around the house. I had to work a lot so that I could finally take a break and leave my job for one year in order to finally finish my degree in art history. Yippee! I am free! … and get to hang with this fellow.
playingHe takes me to forest.
curiousHe´s curious about everything. And without suspicion -that´s what I should learn from him.
young and braveI often think he´s too brave, dumb and brave, but so far he´s been right how long can he jump or how fast he can run.
napping againDozens of naps a day. Usually in this position and close to his favourite toy.
picnic Here´s a rare picture of us. Having a nice walk in the forest with a coffee break on top of a hill.
nappingThis time sleeping in my room.
taking a walkI wish there would be more places to walk him without a leash. We try to find one every day. I think both are fine with him but it makes a big difference in our walks. I am always admiring those European countries that allow dogs to be loose and as a result dogs (and people) behave so well. Perhaps one day…
socialiteOne thing that´s been verified about poodles. They´re social. I think during this puppy phase we´ve been oversocialized. He´s turned everyone on his side. What I have noticed is that dogs actually improve people´s relations to each other. After Tati moved in we´ve made a lot new friends and the whole neighbourhood has opened up in a new way.

at mum´sAt my mum´s. They´ve already made good friends and he greets her with a special mourn.
soakedWhat a relief that he enjoys grooming. Because the hair grows very fast. His colour is turning more and more pastel ginger, looking forward to see how red he´ll become.

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6 Responses to Tati, 4 months or so

  1. Anne says:

    Oh thank you Nina for posting such lovely pictures of Tati. He is such a beautiful little dog. He looks so content too. Weaving and poodles go well together! My little poodle loves lying by my loom as I weave.

    • Niina Niina says:

      Hi Anne, yes I think too they go together well. Do you happen to have a blog? I´d love to follow and see Obi.

      • Anne says:

        Hi Nina, unfortuately I don’t have a blog I have been thinking of getting an instagram page for Obi. But I do have some nice videos on youtube of Obi from his first day at home to when he’s all grown up playing with his mates in the park. If you type in anniegzzzz in youtube, you will find four videos on Obi and a nice one of pandas in our local zoo. My favourite video is ‘Obi playing with his mates’ – a german shepherd and two white border collies.
        Thanks again Nina for your lovely blog. Your work and photos are really beautiful.

      • Niina Niina says:

        Hi, I watched the videos and saw Obi. Such a cute puppy and his manners look a lot like Tati´s. Especially with other dogs they have the same gestures. It was so odd to see Obi because they´re so much alike. Of course because of the age too :-)

  2. Hila says:

    You have no idea how happy this post makes me. Hope you’re doing well Niina. X

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