Here´s random snapshots from the first half of the year. In January I was browsing a book about Rembrandt´s house in a beautiful home in Edam.

Salmon and egg salad one day at home.

I went to see my co-worker´s sheep and hens.
Tulips and recently dyed skeins of yarn in our kitchen.
Rug I wove from the left-over warp of my mum´s rug.
Dyeing a skein of red yarn. Turned out ok. But what should I use it for?
Blueish gray socks for a little boy. I think they´re too small already.
Socks in progress for a baby girl. There´s so many babies born this year. I wish it were easier to estimate their growth so I could knit more baby garments.
Coffee break. This neon ink colour instantly reminds of one of my friends.
Walking in the forest with R and Tati.
Suberb cake in fantastic company in Helsinki.
Tati´s favourite.
Did all that came from the rug..?
Mum brought me carnations.
Rhino in a spice cabinet taking a break.
Baby girl´s socks finished.

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4 Responses to Snapshots

  1. Eeva says:

    Voi juku miten kauniit kuvat! Varsinkin se kanalan kuva, ja rakastan sun mattoja, ja siinä kuvassa jossa on punasta villaa kattilassa… Jokaisessa kuvassa on erikoinen näkökulma!

  2. Camila Faria says:

    I love the lighting in all your pictures! I really like to see these tids and bits of your days. : )

    • Niina Niina says:

      Camila, I actually like to do these posts a lot. Because that´s the way life is, everything is happening at the same time.

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