a plant without lightHere´s the latest finished piece: a merino scarf. This colour combination is one of my favourites and I think I will never get bored/over with mustard yellow and gray together.
twisting fringesThis fringe twister is very handy small tool from Ashford. I am terrible with fringes without this so I am very grateful I came across one. In fact it makes the slow process of sorting fringes a nice task.
cutting the extraThis baby merino wool was very pleasant to work with. And cheap. But good quality. And there´s some sock yarn in addition too. The palette with merino is often very limited to baby colours but I think I will dye some in addition to ready shades with the next project.fringes
close-upNow that the spring -and eventually summer- is coming I should start thinking lighter warps and perhaps even cellulose fibers. I should do that especially because I am not too fond of them, wool is my favourite by far. But as with all predjudices they do limit yourself.

And last but not the least: two very inspiring stories:

a movie on Ilse Acke´s and Jeffrey Vanhille´s work. Beautifully shot movie about true talent. I only understood a few words but I got the message.

and a documentary of a nanny/ photographer Vivian Maier. Her fragmented story was so astonishing that I think I will never forget it.

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