TatiMeet Tati! A week ago he came to live with us. He´s red (or apricot) miniature poodle, turning three months on Saturday. I thought I would never get to have a dog but things have turned out so that it actually happened. He´s such a great character but of course there´s a lot to learn. What a change though. I think my craftwork will suffer, but I won´t ;-)
samplesAnother instant crush in my life has been dyeing yarn. I have tried it before but this time it really got me hooked. I was frustrated with the selection of colours I could get my hands on and decided to have go with dyeing myself. I have been dyeing samples of my favourite shades whenever I´ve had the day off from work. Here´s sample hanks of fingering merino.
prewashAnd here´s them going to soak before dyeing.
dyesFirst I made samples of the “primary” or readily mixed colours. Not good at all straight from the bottle. I realized I would have to learn new system of mixing colours because the primaries were different than what I had learned. For a few days I felt puzzled but now I have developed an instinct what to mix with what.
mixingMixing colours is fascinating. Atleast to me. I have always been very interested in colours, colour systems and reproducing colours. Now I see that quite a lot of my hobbies have dealt with colours and also colour theory. So this is just a natural turn of things.
mixedOh, but there´s so much to learn! I can think of hundreds of colours and would love to mix them all. I bet these small skeins will multiply in time. Hopefully I find colours I want to use in my weaving. But it actually feels harder now that the sky´s the limit with different colours.

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