breakfastI bought this excellent book about weavers of Bauhaus. Unfortunately it´s in German but the pictures are gorgeous. I´d love too see these weavings with my own eyes but so far never happened to catch a Bauhaus exhibition.
yellowsI think I posted almost the same picture a few weeks ago. Only the vase and the flowers were different. From my craft room/living room. I call this my living room because we have another room -almost identical in size- that serves as R´s study and our living room.
wool sampleA small sample with wool yarns. I am planning to weave wool rugs but can´t make up my mind whether to go for thick warp and thin wool weft or thin warp with chunky wool for weft. Hmm..
socksA friend of mine asked me to knit him a pair of socks and of course I did. I went for the darkest gray because I hate to knit black yarn because the pattern doesn´t really show and it kills the eyes. They were a good fit I think.
lightFinally there´s light. And the best part: I have six days off from work.

Happy Easter!

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