ballsNowadays there´s multiple projects around the house at some point in process. I used to have only one and could not leave it before the problem/work was solved. I don´t know when I have become promiscuous but it´s much more enjoyable just to leave the work behind if it´s not going anywhere. After a while it looks different and is solved more easily. Here´s weft skeins for a future rug. Too perfect steel gray to use right now.
mirrorI keep on dreaming of an organized work space but leave piles of stuff behind. I can´t remember when I had the perfect order I think I have lost and keep referring to. Usually in my pictures I tend to dodge this though but you can see it in the mirror.
sketchbookHere´s new rug sketches I have been drawing here and there. After a steady row of three ziz-zag 2/2 twill warps I ought to try out something different so these sketches will have to wait.

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