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6 Responses to Still snowing

  1. petra says:

    beautiful pictures. it started snowing again here, too. not a lot, fortunately. can’t say I like it much…


  2. Niina Niina says:

    hi petra! Yes, at this point I am starting to wait for Spring.

  3. Camila Faria says:

    While you have nonstoping snow over there, I’m trying not to melt with the 40ºC here in Rio. Please, send some of that beautiful white snow our way… :)

    Good luck with the new ceiling.

    • Niina says:

      Oh, it never gets that hot in here, I don´t know how I would cope.

      The ceiling project will start on Easter, I hope I get my act together before that…

  4. odessa says:

    oh, the colors in these photos are awesome. i love “looking” at snow but i know for sure that i will start complaining if its snowing nonstop for days on end.

    • Niina Niina says:

      I also start complaining because often I feel I can´t cope with my habitat because of demanding weather. But it would be same with heat. I get better at adjusting to weather every day but still dream of moving to somewhere “flatter” climate.

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