My mother – the florist – gave me tulips. I don´t have a large vase so I use one of our tea pots.

I am slowly orienting towards renovation. I found these old newspapers under our tiled roof. Thinking about year 1943 troubles me.

Prints hanging in the living room. The left one is a lithograph by a russian artist Alexander Paischeff my boss gave me as a first Christmas present many years ago. He´s still my boss though. The right print we bought from Stockholm a year ago. It reminds me of Ophelia.

Middle gray yarn is my favourite kind. All about melange.

My old vase (in front) got a companion on Christmas. I love the new one even more because it´s so clumsily – yet beautifully- painted.

New mittens in the progress.

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4 Responses to Many good things

  1. sarah j says:

    glad you’re back :)

    i really love those vases, they’re stunning.

    • Niina says:

      Hi and thank you for welcoming me back. I don´t know how to handle this paradox of blogging about nice things and then again living them. Don´t know how to do both, atleast yet. I will go to see your blog as I haven´t been there in a while. We´ll see what you have been up to…
      and yes, that vase is a beauty, R knows exactly what I like when giving me things like these.

  2. Hila says:

    I love all these little details, such lovely flowers, and mittens and prints.

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